I want a consultation, do I need to pay?

The consultation service is FREE, if you have any consultation? Or want to buy products from China, you can contact us directly through WhatsApp, or click the consultation link, fill in the form, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, and give you the quote within 48 hours.

How to pay the bill ?

Wire Transfer: You can finish wire transfer by visiting local banks or using online wire transfer companies. (the transfer fee would be like $20-$40  base on banks and USD amount )

Paypal: We accept Paypal mainly for sample orders, But please note that for bulk order, you need to pay 5% more of the amount, because it’s the fee charged by Paypal from our side.

Payoneer: We also accept Payoneer which is quite popular with Amazon sellers. But please note you still need to pay 0.5% more of the amount, and it’s the fee that Payoneer takes from our side.

Can it be labeled and sent to an FBA warehouse as required by Amazon?

We can label and send to any of Amazon's warehouses according to Amazon's requirements. If you design your own packaging, we will also advise customers to reduce unnecessary FBA fees according to Amazon's FBA size standards

How to confirm the quality of the product?

First of all, we will have the first round of screening, and we will select better suppliers, and send samples to customers for confirmation. After production in the factory, we will also take sample for inspect.ion. Of course, if the customer needs, we also provide 1v1 inspection.

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