About Us

Choose sourcing company was founded in 2014, China-based in YiWu.We are an service that helps foreign companies with product sourcing in China. We offer the knowledge and expertise of our team members, as well as finding solutions to help with their needs. We work hard to bring you the best products at the best prices.

corporate goals

Empower Your Business: We will empower customer's company to have control over the Chinese supply chain. Help customer to find the best factory in China and complete all your needs from design, procurement, production, to delivery to warehouse in the most efficient way.

what makes Choose Different?

Our Win-Win Mentality: As an enterprise, the most important task is to make money, which is understandable, but we hope that through our ability, we will help more small, medium and micro enterprises grow. Whether you are a team of dozens or a one-person company. We will do our best to serve you and help you survive and thrive in the market

Extra Service

Customized Services According to Customer Needs: Different companies have different needs, of course. We will extend our services according to the needs of customers. As dropshipping service, factory visit in real time, Life photos about the product, 1 by 1 inspection, hire laber in china, website building, product upload...etc

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