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Over 2000+ Successful Clients in 8 years and Still Counting

Product Sourcing

A good CHINESE SOURCING AGENT can find suppliers for your products, no matter what you're selling and save 50% on sourcing products from China.

Free Warehouse in China

We will provide you with a free storage period of 1-2 months. Giving you enough time to consolidate the goods.

Manufacturing Consulting

Find the best manufacturers in china for your product, even you don't have a huge amount.

Arrange Low-cost Shipping to Door

Find the most suitable shipping method for you, and deliver the goods to your location safely and quickly.

Product Quality Inspection

Product quality inspection before shipment can minimize your risk and reduce your loss.

Private Label 

Custom Packaging

Brand your products with custom packaging and private label. 

Our Special Services

Free Product Photography

We can offer white background photos of each product for free, thus you can upload to Amazon or other marketplaces.

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Product Inspection

The best way to reduce your defect rate is to maintain a high level of quality control and to pay attention to the feedback you receive from customers. Strongly recommend Amazon sellers.

Graphic Design for

Packagings and Labels

A distinctive design that can make your brand stand out. Let you have a higher profit margin.

we are an accelerator for your company's business growth

As your long-term partner, chinese sourcing agent will grow with you and your company and accelerate the process

We have accompanied clients from starting a business to owning multiple chain stores. It also provides procurement services to medium and large companies. At the same time, we also provide service packages for many personal e-commerce companies and some small and micro enterprises. 

Perhaps we know better how to cooperate with the Chinese procurement business that various companies need at different stages to help customers avoid detours and accelerate growth.

Because I got ......

More Competitive Product Prices

In the case of the same quality, it helped me find a lower price, which directly led to a 10% increase in gross profit. That help us to occupy the market faster.

Top Responsibility

They carefully and responsibly helped me inspect the product to ensure that the product is 100% in good condition before shipping. My return rate is 8% lower than before.

A Long-Term Partner in China

A long-term partner in China, who helped us solve many problems. After being affected by COVID-19, we couldn't go to China. Charly helped us quickly solve new product proofing, packaging design, and even helped us find a model, better than the freelancer I found on fievrr.  This is really good.

Service Beyond Expectations

Although I only gave an Alibaba.com link,  but they helped me run 3 factories at the same time to compare products and prices, and gave me real-time feedback. Very fast and efficient. She also took a set of product pictures for me so that I could post them on Facebook. Before the goods arrived, I already had half of the products pre-ordered. It was amazing. it's the best china sourcing agent.

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